Open Message to Business Solicitors and Potential Employers
I am currently not accepting new contracts for remote IT work, whether instanced or routine. Due to new international regulations I can no longer provide services as freely as I once had without spending even more money on licences and permits. Moreover, the income I generated from freelance work was insufficient to continue providing the quality of service my patrons knew me for. I will continue to help others on a personal case-by-case basis, but no longer for money.

For similar reasons I am no longer teaming up with visual artists (digital or traditional) to produce assets for certain online virtual worlds or video games. Most of the sound equipment I was using is no longer available to me and I cannot afford to obtain new items in that regard, so this modestly profitable hobby is on indefinite hiatus.

Potential employers doing online presence checks should NOT be delving into my personal online identity, whether on social media or elsewhere. Doing so is entirely unprofessional and reflects an extremely poor business attitude. If a potential employer is using my common Internet handle (zhaarteth) to dig up dirt on me or otherwise find an excuse to refuse hiring me, this page should serve as more than enough.

I would never want to work for someone who is going to dig into my personal life and judge me according to their so-called "professional" morals. Who needs a Chinese-style social credit system via government when we already have "private" companies employing the exact same sort of draconian practices here in the land of the so-called free? If you want an excuse to write me off, the least you can do is be honest about how petty and unprofessional you are as an employer. Again, I have no interest in having my personal life (opinions, lifestyle, personal or political associations, etc.) beholden to an employer. You are only the boss of people at work, not altogether. Either act like it or at least have the decency to tell me you never grew up past high school dramatics.