Warning About Social Media

          In other words, BEFORE VIEWING ANY OF THE MENTIONED WEBSITES OR PLATFORMS, you should ensure you are not viewing any of my personal online information and/or activity on behalf of any company, organisation, or government agency. Any evidence of someone using personal information to blacklist me from employment can and likely will get that someone sued in accordance with relevant laws. Any evidence of a government agency (including law enforcement) investigating my personal online activity to deliberately misconstrue, misrepresent, or otherwise defame or defraud me will result in any involved agencies being prosecuted to the fullest extent of United States law - even if it takes the rest of my life.

  • I do not use Facebook. Any entity claiming to be me on Facebook is an impostor.
  • My Twitter has been deleted and subsequently recovered as of October 2020. I have no plans to return to actively using it.
  • My Gab.com account is on indefinite hold pending litigation against the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation for unlawful harassment and baseless accusations of terrorist activity to justify unlawful spying and infringement of my constitutional rights.
  • I stopped using Tumblr as of 2016.
  • I have not used LiveJournal or similar websites since roughly 2010.
  • I do not actively use Reddit due to the website's biased policies which tacitly support certain acts of racial violence.
  • I do not use "chan" or similar boards such as 4chan or Kiwi Farms.
  • I do not actively use Instagram or Snapchat.
  • I have a total of three profiles on the Second Life virtual world. These profiles are to be considered adults-only and information contained within subject to a colloquial "Vegas" policy. Ergo, what happens on and/or is discussed via SecondLife, remains within the confines of said virtual world.
  • I have gaming profiles on all major video game publisher services except for Nintendo and Sony. My most active gaming profile is Steam, using the same handle/username as always.
  • I no longer actively use FurAffinity, FurryNetwork, Weasyl, or other such websites. Continued use would carry the risk of my being banned due to the political grandstanding of their owners and operators.
  • I do not use any social media website where English is not the primarily supported language.
    • This includes but is not limited to Vkontakte, Line, Sina Weibo, and Viber.
  • Any parties claiming to be me are required to prove their identity by providing a link to this website that contains a previously-agreed upon piece of evidence from the related chat.
  • This page does not cover private instant messenger services such as Telegram or Discord.